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Who are we?

Pilger Title Co. is a Mississippi Company and when referenced herein and below it includes its owners, employees, and notary closers as well as David B. Pilger Attorney at Law, PLLC an MS LLC, and its employees and owners.

What private information do we receive?

Pilger Title Co. receives personal information from your lender(s) and other third parties as requested or required by you or your lender(s) and other third parties to complete a real estate closing transaction. The information we collect is all closing documents, including but not limited to loan applications, for the purpose of closing a real estate transaction.

Whom is the private information shared with?

Such personal information is not shared with any other person or entity unless required by a government authority or by a court of competent jurisdiction or any other law that requires us to share such information.

How do we protect your information?

Pilger Title Co. protects your information by using security measures including computer safeguards and having secured buildings.

Where is your information stored? Pilger Title Co. stores your private information in its computer database and/or in a hard copy closing file in a secured building.


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